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5 health benefits of dance classes for adults

Dancing isn’t just a hobby for children. You can do it – and start it – at any age. In fact, there are a great many benefits to be found in learning to dance as an adult…

1. Healthy body So many of our jobs nowadays are sedentary – sitting for long hours at a desk, hunched over a keyboard and ploughing through mountains of work! Dance is a great way to get some much needed activity into your life. If you’re looking to lose a couple of pounds then the energetic movements and routines will get your heart rate up and shift excess weight – in fact some sources suggest you can burn up to 450 calories per hour class! Plus dance is a whole body workout. Throughout the class different moves strengthen and tone all the major muscle groups including legs, bums, tums and arms – helping you develop a sleek and shapely silhouette. And the best part? It’s so much fun it doesn’t even feel like exercise! 2. Healthy mind It’s not just your body that gets a workout in a dance class – it’s a great way to exercise the mind too! Learning new steps, putting them together into combinations and remembering what you’ve learnt is excellent training for your concentration and motor co-ordination skills. Keeping your mind and memory active can make a huge difference in later life and some studies even suggest that dance can delay the onset of conditions like dementia. 3. Getting to the core… Core strength is vital for dancers – think of the core as anchoring the body while the torso and limbs execute a wide range of movements. Having a strong core is also fundamental to good posture in our daily lives. Learning how to activate the core in a dance class can help reverse the effects of the poor posture we develop sitting behind a desk, in the car or slumped on the sofa. Having a strong core helps to support the back and can reduce the risk of back injuries, or help existing ones. What’s more, strong abdominal muscles are at the heart of being able to balance. Not only does this help with the skill of dance, but it becomes increasingly important as we age and co-ordination becomes more challenging.

4. Dance yourself happy It’s a well known fact that exercise makes you feel great. That’s because physical activity triggers hormones in the brain called endorphins which give you that happy feeling! Add in some upbeat music, a few friends and a sense of achievement after learning a new step or routine and the week’s worries will soon be washed away! When you’re feeling down, you probably just want to curl up at home in front of the TV – but trust me, make yourself go to a dance class and you will feel much better for it! 5. Social and cultural benefits Want to meet people in your community who share your enjoyment of activity, music or arts? Come and join a dance class! Far from the image of strict, old-fashioned ballet mistresses, adult dance classes are relaxed, friendly and centred around having a good time with a lovely bunch of people! And whether you’re a classical music connoisseur, a jazz aficionado or you just can’t resist a West End number – you’ll find yourself dancing along to some of your favourite tunes and discovering some new ones too. Where to learn Helena Jane Classes & Coaching runs weekly dance classes for adults in a range of styles, suitable for all levels. So whether you’d like to reconnect with a childhood passion, or find a fun new way to keep fit and healthy – why not come along and give it a go!


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